Your cards. Redesigned.

They might know your card list, they can imitate your playstyle. There's one thing they can't possibily have.

Uncover how to get a unique deck with custom hand decorated cards only for you.

How It Works

There are 3 ways to get your hands on these unique decorated cards:


Buy now

Browse the decorated cards catologue.

Buy from the online shop.

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I get the the cards

You contact me.

You tell me which cards you want.

I buy them for you *(See FAQ).

I decorate them to your liking and preferences.

I send you the cards.

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You send the cards

You contact me.

You send me the cards.

I decorate them as you like.

I send you the cards.

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Annalisa Forghieri

"I'm an Italian girl, university student and a fan of cards and board games. I attended Art Institute and thanks to my nerd parents I got my first Magic deck when I was 5 years old (UR!). I always loved Magic cards illustrations and that explains these works!"

Annalisa Forghieri